The daily IT war continues for us all. 

    Some fall due to companies overs stretching, some fall due to carpentry being easier. 

    Others fall due to other reasons beyond all of our control.

    My fall will hopefully be a long way off..

This time last year I was posting about beer, beer, beer.


This year I a bit late as I've been busy with too many things and not caring about the important stuff so heres my attempt at redemption.

The 2009 Minasi forum Meeting in sunny Virginia Beach.


I could list off the names of the people but if you pop above you'll see the list so instead heres a quick list of the reasons to go other than actual technical reasons.

Mark Minasi

Now Mark is the intelligent one with the facial hair. He writes books, talks a lot about IT stuff, hosts a great forum site for Windows people and has a ever growing but suddenly decreasing Irish whiskey collection. This years collection will include a bottle of the following...

Thats got to be a good incentive to come.

                                                                                                                                                    Aidan Finn

Aidan the happy happy guy without the facial hair, is going to lead us on another journey thought the weird and wonderful world of HyperV and all is foibles. When not trying to control the world through the use of System Center Configuration Manager he can be found attempting to photograph great Tits around the world... And we won't talk about Aidan's hair!

Nathan, another person with hair falling off his head, works with Exchange a lot and talks about Exchange a lot at quite a fast rate, sometimes I think hes trying to compete with a SMTP Server. Rumour has it Nathan has a book contract hence the smile.  Another keen purchaser of expensive imaging technology. In my quest for something suitable I found this...

Todd Lammle

Todd is the other intelligent one with the facial hair. He writes books, talks a lot about IT stuff, hosts a great a different forum site for Cisco people . Todd is the greatest cause of Marks ever decreasing Whiskey collection ( He knows where Marks keeps it all). I can't say much more about Todd, as I'm scared of his wife, but don't argue with him about networking it get funs.


Unfortunately Todd will not be able to make it this year due to some unforeseen circumstances. He is sending in his stead a Juniper Firewall ( just as stubborn) and Chuck (just as entertaining).



Some pictures of the other things thats go on.


The gang in the Pungo grill having a bit of fun.
How many MVP's can you count?

A DBA in his natural habitat, no-where near a computer!


The location of my annual Virginia Beach pilgrimage...this will be third year running, the Sunday evening I'm hoping.

Apparently 'I'm a little teapot' is quite a common thing!




Maybe we'll see you there. It'll be a learning experience.

Wobble Wobble

Joseph McGlynn,
Dec 30, 2012, 12:23 PM