About Me

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
My name is Joe McGlynn and I work for a company in Dublin as an IT Engineer specialising on SBS, AD and Exchange.
I'm to be found hanging around various forums, but mostly on www.minasi.com where I feel I've found some form of a home.
Each year for the past few I count myself luck to be allowed travel, attend and participate in the annual Minasi Forum meeting held in Virginia Beach by the renowned Mark Minasi.
I've come to regard the characters there as friends, colleges and peers, who all seem to accept for for what I am and do their best to offer help support and some light hearted amusement to the IT/ Windows world in general.
This handsome fellow is the latest in the family and as one can see, especially if you know me appears to be following in the correct footsteps for an Irishman.
If you want to contact me try info@littlepud.com.removeforspam  without the last section.
Hapve fun,